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We arrived to Baxter State Park at about 7PM on Tuesday night. The light and surrounding landscape were stunning. A man was fly fishing in the river. We stood on Abol Bridge and watched as he cast forward, backward, forward, and backward again. It was a simple, beautiful sight to be seen.

The next 3 days we hiked slightly under 30 miles, climbed thousands of vertical feet, went swimming in cold but refreshing rivers, and enjoyed all nature had to offer. More pictures coming later this week.


A few friends and I went to Morrigan’s camp for a couple days. This picture is from our deer ride. We all piled into the back of Mo’s camp truck and drove miles and miles down dirt roads in the Adirondack wilderness looking for animals and soaking in the epic weather. Good times, great friends.

First wedding is next weekend. Right now I’m off to Mississippi to collaborate on a new project with good folks.