David, having you at our wedding was – in a word – delightful.  Your kindness and your calm was refreshing.  The photographs you made that day were so much more than we ever could have hoped for.  We gave you the challenge of photographing a wedding in Syracuse in March – and every single picture is stunning.  We both remember seeing the first picture you posted, the one of us on the hill.  It took our breath away – look at us!  Those two people in that beautiful photograph – that’s us!  And the hundreds of others are equally as incredible.  You captured so many moments that we missed during the day – smiles and tears and hugs.  Not only do we get to relive the day as we remember, but we get to see the day as our guests did.  Your photographs make the entire experience so real again.  Thank you, a million times over, for being part of our special day, beginning to very end, and letting us relive all of the joy through your art.

—Meghan and Matt

Dave, from our first meeting we knew instantly you were down to earth and someone we could relate to. And on our wedding day you blended into our guest list. You took the identity of a guest, mingled in our large crowd and the conversations you had with my family allowed you to get to know us as a whole and capture all the wonderful amazing events that took place that day. From the time of Angela’s nerves getting into her dress, walking down the aisle, to Nick’s buckling knees, first dances, cutting cake and dancing. We were also amazed of all the things you captured that we had not seen, such as kids blowing bubbles and playing ball outside to the guests reactions and dance moves. The colors and expressions of your photos make us realize that your view on the world is captured through your lens just as it happens. Dave, you were there from the beginning and did not leave until well after the music stopped. Thank you for all of your hard work and allowing us to re-live our wedding day each time we look at the photographs. All I can say is epic. With all of our love. Thank you.

Angela and Nick


You captured all our moments in a way that let me relive every emotion again. When I was done watching I felt like I had just left the wedding. It was pure joy to share in our day with someone who understood the beauty of our family and why we chose the farm for our wedding. I can’t express how impressed I am with your photos. You are truly talented and I am overjoyed to have had you there. I thank you with my whole heart! Your work is remarkable, beautiful and truly appreciated.

Amber and Scott



We can never say thank you enough for your hard work. I know that wedding photography is a demanding and time-consuming profession; but you clearly love your work and are able to share in the couple’s joy and fun. This quality shines through in your photos and serves to remind us all of what a special day we enjoyed together. I hope to see great things from you in the future! Thanks again.

Lynne and Keith


You are not only an amazing photographer, but a wonderful person to work with! It was our pleasure to have you as a part of our wedding and the photographs are a great reminder of the best time of our lives. Thanks for being there to capture the essence of it!

Karen and Carl



Thank you for all your help and hard work at our wedding! We both enjoyed meeting and working with you. We cannot thank you enough for providing us with such beautiful pictures of our special day!

Amanda and Kyle