It’s 4 o’clock in the morning and I’m driving from my home in Camden, Maine to the Portland Airport for my flight to Syracuse to photograph Anne and Dan’s wedding.

Now I’m in the airplane. We’re taking off into a world of blue skies as the sun rises above the Atlantic Ocean. We’re heading towards John F. Kennedy Airport. The pilot comes on the radio and reports of heavy fog and rain in New York.

We do laps in the air and divert to Logan because we’re close to running out of fuel. We re-fuel and take off. Leaving Boston’s blue skies, we land at JFK, I miss my connection to Syracuse by 10 minutes, and I walk around the airport for awhile. I like walking through the airport, seeing so many faces, each one with it’s own story.

I make it to Syracuse 6 hours late, have a quick dinner with my mom and dad that still live in the house I grew up in with a white picket fence and grassy front yard, and make my way to Geneva, New York where I meet Amanda, an old high school friend, on the outskirts of Rochester close to where she lives with her husband, Andrew. We eat pizza, talk about life, her program, relationships, and laugh.

Now I’m waking up in the hotel room that Dan and Anne so graciously reserved for me. The sun is rising over Seneca Lake and I grab my camera as the world and myself begin to awake. In my mind I have this feeling that the day is going to be beautiful, special, unique in it’s own way like every wedding I photograph.

I meet Anne in her room. She’s getting ready with her bridesmaids and is calm as can be. We hug like old friends. You wouldn’t know it has been over 10 years since we’ve seen each other. I walk down the hallway with her to meet Dan. He’s getting ready with his groomsmen and, like Anne, is as calm as can be. We shake hands, have a few quick laughs, and the day begins.

Every wedding is an adventure. I’ll let the rest of Anne and Dan’s speak for itself.

[audio:http://www.davidwrightweddings.com/wp-content/wedding/2011/12/Jonsi-Gathering-Stories.mp3|titles=Jonsi – Gathering Stories]

Music: Gathering Stories by Jónsi